Typeface Design | In Progress

During my senior year at the Rochester Institute of Technology, I was fortunate enough to work under calligrapher Lorrie Frear and typographer Kris Holmes, designer of the whole Lucida family, and also multiple Apple fonts.

Throughout our Fall Term, I worked on my own calligraphy skills, which were then utilized in my typeface design with Kris. Over the next twenty weeks, we worked to draw, develop and design a full ASCII set of letters based off of out own calligraphic hand. My font is still in progress, and is entitled Lynna, named after the middle name of my aunt who I never had the opportunity to meet.

While developing this font with Kris Holmes, I also took it upon myself to design a display typeface for my personal portfolio that mimiced the custom letters in my personal logo. The alphabet and numerals are all based off the same few repeating parts and lends for a very quirky, unified feel.